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The crypto space can be a volatile and confusing one, but for the savvy investor it brings in massive returns. We’ve removed the volatility and kept intact the ability for huge returns.

Take these examples of companies that made major splashes:

At the end of 2016, the aggregate value of all virtual coins combined worked out to just $17.7 billion. But as of Dec. 26, more than 1,370 separate cryptocurrencies combined to equal a market cap of around $605 billion. That’s an increase of better than 3,300%, which just might be the single greatest year for any asset class we’ve ever witnessed.


These cryptocurrencies crushed it in 2017 yet even Ethereum takes a back seat to some other players. Three cryptocurrencies, in particular, surged higher by more than 100,000% at one point during 2017, and in the process, firmly announced their arrival to virtual coin investors.

Verge: 1,581,942% peak gain

If there’s such a thing as a true standout among a sea of cryptocurrencies that gained between 1,000% and 10,000% for the year, it’s Verge. At the beginning of the year, according to data from, Verge was valued at $0.000019 per coin, and its average daily trading volume was around 200 coins.

As of Dec. 23, 2017, Verge peaked at $0.300588 per coin, representing a peak gain of almost 1,582,000%, with volume of close to 1 billion coins changing hands that day. To put this move into even more perspective, investing $64 into Verge’s XVG coin on Dec. 31, 2016, and being lucky enough to sell at the peak on Dec. 23, 2017, would have made you a millionaire.

Einsteinium: 262,195% peak gain

EMC2 moved from a closing price of $0.001098 on Dec. 31, 2016 to a peak price of $2.88 per EMC2 coin on Dec. 7, which is good enough for a 262,195% gain.

What’s really set Einsteinium apart from its peers is the Einsteinium Foundation’s mission. Rather than focusing on becoming a medium of payment facilitation, or attempting to become the next-greatest blockchain for enterprises, the Foundation is all about giving back. Its mission is to be a charitable fund for scientific, technological, educational, and blockchain-based projects. Investing approx $385 turned into a million dollars. 

Reddcoin: 132,712% peak gain

Another cryptocurrency that’s absolutely soared this year is the little-known Reddcoin, which began the year at just $0.000017 per coin and peaked at $0.022578 on Christmas Day. I know hitting a bit over $0.02 per coin might not sound really exciting, but that trough-to-peak move in less than a year works out to a 132,712% gain. In terms of market cap, we’re talking about going from just over $500,000 to nearly $650 million in just shy of a year. Approx $750 would have made you a millionaire. 


Other Digital Assets

Someone Bought a CryptoPunks NFT for $443, Sold It for $4.4 Million in Ethereum

Here’s an easy way to visualize the NFT market boom: this pixelated avatar brought a nearly 1,000,000% return in less than three years.


CryptoPunks are considered the OG’s of NFTs, not only due to their heritage—they were minted in 2017, well before this year’s boom—but also how much they’ve influenced other NFT sets since. Curious how much they’ve soared in value in recent months? Here’s a prime example of the incredible price multiplier seen of late.

See this CryptoPunk? It’s #2338 in the set of 10,000 such collectibles, and it’s one of just 88 Zombies in the entire bunch, not to mention one of four “Zombie Mohawk Thin” variants. It just sold for 1,500 Ethereum, or about $4.38 million at the time of sale. That makes it one of the most expensive CryptoPunks sold to date, although the cryptocurrency’s changing value means that the rankings vary depending on the amount of ETH paid or the then-current value in US dollars.

In any case, while the dollar amount is jaw-dropping, the rise in value over the last couple years is even more shocking. As data from CryptoSlam shows, this particular CryptoPunk was purchased for just $443 (3.5 ETH) in November 2018. All told, it’s just shy of a 1,000,000% return in less than three years’ time.



Other Cryptocurrencies ranked by performance - 2017

Ripple 36.018%
NEM 29.842%
Stellar 14.441%
Dash 9.265%
Ethereum 9.162%

Cardano up 12,000% in 2020

Latest estimates bitcoin millionaires are 30,000 – 2020 

Numbers are low due to anonymity.  


We are pioneers and revolutionaries disrupting an entire industry and expect to enjoy some of the highest gains ever recorded. If the assets in this document produced these types of numbers, allow yourself to imagine what GOPX will accomplish. Welcome to the new paradigm shift..

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