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General Questions

All you need to know about GOPX Token

What is the fusion economy and how will it grow?

An economy, by definition, is a large set of interrelated production, consumption, and exchange activities that aid in determining how resources are allocated.

Here is how the GOPX Ecosystem is built with B2B Business Integration that allows each of these consumption points to come alive and keep the Token in constant circulation.

B2B Business Usage

GOPX companies consuming GOPX Tokens
Game On Players: https://gameonplayersx.com/

Industries and games that will consume the GOPX Tokens daily

  • Game On Players Online Bank
  • Game On Players Debit Card (Fiat/Crypto)
  • Game On Players Freemium Games
  • Celebrity Golf Challenge
  • Mobile Phone: Built-in “Data Plan”
  • Game On Players Artist NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
  • Blockchain Sports Agency
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Government Payment Services Solution
  • Direct Royalty Funds Paid to Artists and the Music Industry

This perpetual motion assures you, that someone or a business, will always be there to buy your tokens when you are ready to sell.

*GOPX online games will be integrated by November 30, 2021.

What is the step by step process to invest?

  1. www.TheGOPXToken.com
  2. Register
  3. Verify your email
  4. Click the INVEST NOW button

USD, ETH and BTC are currently accepted forms of payment. $100 USD is the minimum purchase amount and by December 2021 multiple other payment gateways will be added and available to choose from.

What is the minimum number of tokens I can buy?

The equivalent of $100 US Dollars is the minimum amount available for purchase.

What is the maximum number of tokens I can buy?

There is no maximum amount per day. However, there may be maximums by your financial institution if you are purchasing with USD.

What makes the GOPX Token different from other tokens?

Bitcoin and other altcoins highly fluctuate in value by perception and speculation.

The GOPX Token price will be preset by the immutable smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain removing speculation.

Investors can realize a predictable future with The GOPX Token! The ability to accomplish predictability is through supply and demand. The GOPX Token is self-consuming. The Token price was set based upon consumption over a certain period.

With a history of millions of tokens consumed daily, in a range of services, speculation is removed.

New smart contract and Blockchain technology is rapidly changing our world.

The GOPX Token is leading the way in this cryptocurrency revolution!

What is a Stable Coin/Token?

The GOPX Token is STABLE. Once a smart contract is on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain it is IMMUTABLE…It cannot be changed.

For this reason, the GOPX Token value can increase but never decrease below the smart contract on the Blockchain for the ICO investors.

What is the difference between a coin & token?

Some of the key differences between a digital token and a digital coin are as follows: Digital coins are based on their native blockchain network, tokens are built on the existing blockchain.

Digital coins can be used for processing payments, but tokens are suitable for multiple needs.

What does GOPX Self-Consuming mean?

There are multiple consumption points that are built within the Ecosystem.

This will allow the continued use of the tokens in all the places currently listed such as freemium games, Casinos, etc.

It also taps into the QuikTipz app which uses the token. So it consumes itself back into its own economy.

The Whitepaper lists some of the initial ways that are already in place for consistent usage.

That list will just continue to grow and really is limitless.

The token is used by our own companies and will be used by many more. It is “self-consumed” or “consumed by us/our companies/our self”

The GOPX Token is SELF-CONSUMING investors or token holders have the assurance that they will be able to sell their tokens at minimum set prices in the future.

Game On Players will purchase millions of tokens daily for their business requirements:

  • GOPX provides $60 in bonus tokens for every $500 a player spends
  • GOPX will use 50% of its monthly revenue to purchase GOPX Tokens
  • GOPX Gaming, “Celebrity Golf App” in-app purchases with GOPX Tokens
  • GOPX Gaming uses 50% of its monthly revenue to purchase GOPX Tokens
  • GOPX Gaming uses 50% of its monthly revenue to purchase GOPX Tokens

What makes GOPX's contracts immutable?

Because they are written into the Ethereum Blockchain.

Once a Smart Contract is written into the Blockchain it cannot be changed. Ethereum was the big game-changer in the Crypto space by creating the use of Smart Contracts.

Google search shows: Smart contracts in Ethereum are immutable by default.

Once you create them there is no way to alter them, effectively acting as an unbreakable contract among participants.

Other Questions

The answer to our most common questions are below

How are immutable contracts possible for GOPX?

Smart contracts are immutable by nature and are available to everyone. It’s just the unique way that GOPX is using the ETH blockchain. The Blockchain is the traintrack and the token rides on the tracks. Once the track is laid it only stores information and goes forward.

There are many smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain, just none that are written over two years with exact dates and preset values built in. Bitcoin – the largest and by far most widely used cryptocurrency – does not offer support for complex smart contracts. In many ways, the Bitcoin Blockchain is old technology and Ethereum Blockchain is an upgrade and evolution. There are other Blockchains in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What risks are involved with this investment?

The risks would be the same as any investment. If the ecosystem did not build-out, then when it came time to sell the token, you might not have a buyer. This is the same risk in buying and selling stocks. In this model, it is unlikely not to have a buyer when you want to sell since it is already positioned in its own economy to continually circulate. Many companies are already on board and the list will continue to grow over the next two years and beyond.

What does it mean that GOPX is patent pending?

Patent pending is a legal designation that can be used with any type of patentable process or product to denote that a patent has been applied for but has not yet been granted.

GOPX has applied to the patent office for a combination of technologies to be in 1 cryptocurrency. GOPX is the first one to write into the blockchain pre-set dates and values.

How can I verify that this has been written into the blockchain?

Token Address: 0x66BD6C1DE8e76BCe9C3Ec158CE27F999707A173B

When are my oppotunities to cash in my tokens?

Token purchases will be held for 90 Days beginning December 1st, 2021 when GOPX goes live on the exchanges. Your first opportunity to sell your tokens is on March 1, 2022. At this time, the GOPX Token will be available for exchange at $100 or more. After March 1, 2022, you can buy/sell on the exchange anywhere GOPX is listed.

Will GOPX offer DeFi loans?

A Decentralized Loan to be available in the future.

What wallet should be open to make a withdrawal?

March 1, 2022 multiple wallets will be suggested for you to make your exchanges through. Instructions will be given on how to set your wallet up and move your tokens into a live exchange wallet.

What exchanges will list GOPX beginning in December 2021?

Currently Probit and Kucoin will be available. The list of exchanges will continue to grow as we get closer to December 1, 2021.

Can I pay my taxes with GOPX?

While some county and statewide governments in the US are evaluating cryptocurrency payments, there are concerns over its volatility. GOPX has been in communication with several, including the largest county in Florida, Dade County. Payment for utilities, services, taxes, etc is under evaluation. Since GOPX is a stable token, it becomes a reasonable solution. At this time, however, you cannot pay your taxes or utilities with GOPX. This may change in the future.

What happens after June 2023 with tokens purchase during the ICO?

It’s Completely on the public exchange and permanently written into the blockchain that the value token can increase but never fall below $2500.

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