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We hear calls for donations to Haiti.  We hear the mission, see the pictures and then believe that somehow hope that change will make its way there.  Unfortunately, too often the monies that were intended for good, land in the wrong hands of people who are corrupt.

GOPX is excited to support the We Are Haiti Initiative!  We are aligning with the right hands and the right hearts to allow what is possible for Haiti.

As this journey for We Are Haiti unfolds, we invite everyone to give.  You can now know that the funds will go to the groups that are waiting to make a difference… to build infrastructure, health systems and abundance for the people of Haiti.


GOPX is dedicated to the creation of global projects and initiatives that fill a void in our current systems and fuels what is possible for humanity.  As a Blockchain Community, we are the movement that is igniting a shift in wealth and allowing abundance on the planet for all…especially in places that are not being served for good like Haiti.  


“It was fascinating listening to the history of Haiti.  Dr. Limontas shared how rich and abundant Haiti is below ground, yet so profoundly poor above.  She shared a time when Haiti was full of life and beauty.  Her most important words came though as she described the Haiti of the future and what is possible.  A Haiti that would thrive!  Not just restored to what it once was, but re-imagined into something bold and beautiful.”  

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