GOPX Announces the Release of the World’s First Patent Pending Cryptocurrency

The Only Stable & Self-Consuming Digital Currency That Buys and Sells Itself Through Its Own Financial Ecosystem

Miramar, FL: The Game On Players Token (GOPX) announces the release of the world’s first and only patent pending cryptocurrency. GOPX “Game On Players” Token is the only digital currency that buys and sells itself through its own financial ecosystem, creating the first stable,self-consuming token.

Building a true fusion economy using smart (immutable) contracts on the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain, GOPX Token values can only increase and never decrease below stated values on the smart contract, making it the most stable cryptocurrency on the market. The token is used in many businesses including their own Game On Players freemium sports games, online gaming sites and online casinos. It is also consumed inside the QuikTipz cashless tipping app, making it possible to exchange currency easily from peer-to-peer and business to business.

QuikTipz, a global banking payment system with low transfer fees, is the perfect solution to a broken tipping system that allows for effortless spending and receiving of currency. QuikTipz furthers the stability of the GOPX Token, on the leading edge of business-to-business usage, by being a stable solution for government payment services, banks, financial institutions, the hospitality industry and more.

The GOPX Token can even be used to pay direct royalty funds to artists and the music industry (NFT) allowing millions of individuals to easily take part in this flourishing, tokenized economy, creating a powerful currency that is set to take the lead in the crypto industry.

The valuation of the token is written into the smart contract to soar from $1 (since its release on June 1st, 2021) to a staggering $2500 by June 1st, 2023, after which GOPX will go to Open Market. This 5-Phase approach, in combination with immutable smart contracts on the ETH Blockchain, indicates that every dollar invested in GOPX Tokens during Phase 1 will increase to a value of $2500 by the completion of Phase 5.

No other cryptocurrency in the world offers the stability that GOPX provides, thanks to its smart contracts, self-consuming nature, and its unprecedented B2B usage. Those looking to get into cryptocurrency finally have an option that feels safe and profitable.

About GOPXGOPX was founded by Alex Slocum in June, 2020 when Alex saw a gap in the cryptocurrency market and wanted to close it with a token that would be safe enough for anyone to want to invest in. He teamed up with brilliant minds across the globe to create the world’s first patent pending cryptocurrency.

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